What to Bring


  • Several bottles for drinking

  • One sterile bottle for use in case of pepper spray or tear gas

  • *IMPORTANT* - Do NOT use milk. In the event of pepper spray/tear gas, flush the eyes with clean, sterile water using a squirty water bottle. Do not drink from eye-water.


  • Good protest snacks include granola bars and fruit.


  • Wear nondescript, solid colors (grey, black, beige, NO LOGOS) - cops use logos and unique clothing to identify folks.

  • Comfortable shoes you can move and run in

  • Mask or other face-covering, both for COVID-19 safety and to deter identification

  • Goggles if you have them, for tear gas and to deter identification

  • Cover all tattoos to the best of your ability, again for ID reasons

  • Bring layers! Weather can change on a dime.

First Aid Supplies

  • Bandages, gauze, medical tape, washcloth, etc


  • one or two-day supply of your medication in its pharmacy-issued prescription bottle

Cell Phone

  • *IMPORTANT* - Turn Face/Touch ID OFF AND turn location services OFF!

Cash and/or Change

Photo ID

Ear Plugs

  • To protect against loud sirens, horns, etc

FOR MORE INFO on how to take care of yourself legally, visit this page.