How To Eye Flush

How to Eye Flush*:

First aid for pepper spray or tear gas


Get street medic training and practice!


Face covering, goggles, extra clothes, nitrile gloves, waterproof outerwear, sport tip water bottle, liquid soap

Don’t Bring:

Contacts, oil-based lotion or makeup, milk.


  1. Introduce yourself, offer help, gain consent

  2. Put on gloves

  3. Contacts? Ask them to remove with a glove. Remove their glasses and give to them.

  4. Have them kneel and hold their legs - prevents them from touching their face

  5. Tilt their head back and slightly towards the side of the first eye. Hold their eye open.

  6. Aim from the bridge of their nose across their eye. Squeeze the bottle hard to push a strong stream into the eye, from inner corner to outer, away from the tear duct.

  7. Repeat with the other side, mirrored. Repeat this process until they can blink and see. (They may still be in pain.)

  8. Rinse mouth. Wash their glasses before putting them on again.

  9. Wash bare skin with soap & water.

  10. Discard and replace gloves for next flush.

Important: Only Use Water in eyes!

Things other than water are extra prep, may cause reactions, & mark people.

You are physically pushing a substance, not blocking the chemical.

Water is cheap, easy, safe, and widely agreed upon.

Stay Calm & FTP:

Police use chemical weapons to scare and disperse, but chemical weapons alone can’t kill you.


Remove and bag clothing, discard or wash with PPE. Rinse hair first then shower with soap and water. Take emotional and physical care of yourself.

*source: NYC Action Medical