Jail Support

For continuous jail support updates, text HELLO to 718-550-2312 on Signal

What is Jail Support?*

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What is Jail Support and how can I do it?

1. Tracking - Who was arrested? Where were they taken? What is the information on bail hearing and arraignment?

2. Providing comfort and support outside of jail as folks get released.

Before attending jail support, read this article


Jail support needs:

In-person volunteers

HIGH PRIORITY: People with Medic Training or Legal Training

HIGH PRIORITY: People with access to vehicles


Virtual Support/Organization

For continuous jail support updates, text HELLO to 718-550-2312 on Signal

General Supplies Needed for Jail Support:

  • Water

  • Snacks (granola bars, fruit, sandwiches)

  • First aid supplies - PPE

  • Cigarettes

  • Cash for transportation fares

  • Portable chargers

  • Coffee

Other Notes

  • Organize in shifts! This way there is a constant presence of folks supporting while others rest and take care of themselves.

  • Jail support can be done by anyone. You can deliver supplies, donate for supplies, and/or volunteer to coordinate from home.

  • Always check in to see if there are groups already organizing jail support efforts and ask how you can support them.

  • Make sure to ask for consent when offering any type of support.

  • DO NOT ESCALATE WITH COPS. At Jail Support, we do not engage with cops unless you're on duty to help with de-escallation.

June 2nd


  • One Police Plaza - supplies needed include hot and cold packs, ace bandages, and breakfast items

  • 100 Centre Street - need people to post bail at the courthouse